Crochet along beginner Mochila Bag.

crochet crossbody mochila wayuu bag with tapestry crochet

In this blog you will find my Wayuu Mochila crossbody bag CAL.I have used one of my payed patterns which you can find here for this mochila.But you can also just make only this one pattern and turn it into your first Wayuu Mochila project.In this playlist i explain everything in details on how i start a cross body mochila ,how i insert the colors,how i carry the yarn,how i follow the pattern and lots and lots of other stuff.Once you make this cross body bag you will know a lot about wayuu mochila cross bodies bag and also about tapestry crochet in back loop as well.I use 100 % mercerized cotton,as its the easiest to work with ,with this kind of technique.The list of the materials i use is below:

100 % mercerized cotton

cream , capri ,signal rot ,Maigrün , Löwenzahn

2mm hook 

So let`s start:

Once you finish up the first part you have an idea in what direction this pattern will go.I will link for you the rest of the tutorials and try to go through them without skipping as i think some information might escape this way.












If you made till here,congratulations,that means you have a lot of patience.In the next tutorial i show you how to crochet the strap using the same tapestry crochet technique in back loop and how to sew it to your bag.



Once your strap is in place,if you want some more decoration,like i did,you can check out the final tutorial of this CAL and make the pom poms as i did and i show you also how to sew them to your bag.