Granny square top pattern + video tutorial

granny square crop top pattern

I was browsing through pinterest and suddenly i was stumbled at this amazing granny square top in these vibrant colors that made feel happy.So i took my 2.5 mm hook and mercerized cotton in white, yellow and red and started to figure out the granny squares pattern, which was pretty easy to make.

Scroll down for the full written pattern from S-2XL and the step by step video tutorial.

granny square crop top pattern

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This Granny Square summer crop top is made for pairing with shorts,a pair of jeans or any casual item that you have in your closed which compliments the grannies nicely.But in our times there are no more rules when it comes to putting an outfit together anymore.You can match this crocheted crop top with a long matching color skirt and it looks still cool.

This little crop top will be perfect for all of you who want to show some skin and some COLOR.The combination of this 3 colors make a very powerful combo and so vibrant.

granny square top pattern


The whole top was a replica of a few photos i saw on pinterest which inspired me a lot about what i would love to wear near a beach.I choose the 100 % mercerized cotton (one of my favorite materials) as i want this crocheted crop top to be practical .As we know with the spring and summer come the warm or hot days and cotton is a perfect material to have your body in as your skin breaths and cotton its a natural fiber that washes well and keeps your body temperature cool whilst all those synthetic fibers will make you sweat lot’s , AND WE DON’T WANT THAT, DO WE??? DAHHHH… 🙂

Here are my inspo photos in case you were interested seeing the original design.

crochet crop top granny square free pattern           


crochet granny square tote bag

Crochet granny square tote bag + video tutorial

Yarn and Color Combinations

The yarn used as i mentioned earlier is a mercerized cotton which is perfect for warm spring days also for hot summer days as it is a natural fiber that lets your skin breath.As for the color combinations for this style i think there are unlimited ones as this style goes with so many trio color combos.If you want a more settled look i went with the traditional white,yellow and blue but there are so many colors that fits with this design.I would love to hear what is your color combo,please leave yours in the comment section down below.


● ByStellaM cannot accept responsibility for the finished item if any yarn other than the recommended yarn is used.
● Yarn quantities are based on average requirements and are therefore approximate.
● Color reproduction is as close as color accuracy on screens.
● Instructions are written using US terminology
● Repeat figures in round brackets ( ) the number of times stated afterwards.
● Instructions are given for the smallest size, with changes for the larger sizes given in square brackets [ ] afterwards.
● Where only one figure is given, this relates to all sizes.
● Where the figure 0 appears, no stitches, times or rows are worked for this size.
● Total amount of rows/rounds is given between [ ] at the end of each row/round in the pattern



● 50g balls of schachenmayr catania originals 100%mercerized cotton
.  [2: 6: 8: 9: 10: 11] in Signal Rot (color A)
1 [1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1] in Yellow (color B)

and very little in white,have a 20-25 gr of white yarn in hand.
● 2.5 mm hook

To fit bust
76       88         97      107    cm
30      34.5      38        42      in
Actual measurement (bust)
76       88         97       107    cm
30      34.5      38        42      in
Finished length
21        21         21        26     cm
8.5      8.5       8.5       10     in


HDC half double crochet

ch(s) chain(s)

DC double crochet

st(s) stitch(es)

sl st     slip stitch

The body part

1st Round

Start with the white color and a magic circle and with the 2.5 mm hook pull up a loop and crochet 5 ch(s) st(s)

1DC in the magic circle and 2 ch(s) st(s).

crochet crop top

Repeat 1DC,2ch(s) 6 more times,in total with the first hole you will end up with 7 holes and a 2ch(s)

Insert the hook at 3rd ch of the first hole of the round and sl st.

1ch , pull some yarn and cut the yarn.Pull the end tightly.

crochet summer top

2nd Round

With the yellow color,insert the hook in one of the holes of the previews round,pull up a loop and crochet 3 ch(s) (does count as a st throughout)

how to crochet a granny square top

2DC in the same hole,2ch(s)

Repeat 3DC,2ch(s)  7 more times ending up with a 2ch(s) (in total 8 3DC,2ch(s) at the end of the 2nd round)

granny square top pattern

Insert the hook at 3rd ch of the first st of the round and sl st.

1ch,pull some yarn , cut and pull tight the end of the yellow yarn.

granny square crochet top pattern

3rd Round

With the red color insert the hook in one of the holes of the reviews rounds,pull up a loop and crochet 3ch(s) (does count as a st throughout) than 2DC in the same hole,2ch(s) and 3DC in the same space hole.

Continue 2ch(s),1HDC in the next hole,2ch(s).

granny square crochet top

repeat, 3DC,2ch(s),3DC next space hole than 2ch(s),1HDC,2ch(s) for the next space hole, 3 more times.In total you will end up with a square with 4 corners and 4 sides as the picture below.

granny square top

Than insert the hook at 3rd ch of the first st of the round and sl st.

1ch st and pull the yarn and cut.Pull the end if the red yarn tight.

This is a full pattern of all the granny squares that make this top.

granny square top pattern free

Make 56[64: 68: 76] granny squares and place them in rectangles in approx. sizes:

XS;    14*4 squares

S;      16*4 squares

M;     17*4 squares

L;      19*4 squares

granny square top pattern

Sew the squares first in rows of:

XS ;   1 row, 14 squares

S;       1 row, 16 squares

M;     1 row, 17 squares

L;       1 row, 19 squares

Place the rows on top of each other and sew them.

crochet cropped top pattern

granny square top pattern

Place the right side of the panel on the inside and sew together the 2 short sides of the panel.

crochet cropped top

crochet cropped top pattern


Make 2 of them.

With the red color crochet 13 ch(s),sk 3 ch(s) insert the hook on the 4th ch from the hook and DC.

Continue crocheting DC on each st until the end of the row.In total you will have 10DC st(s).

For the 2nd row , crochet 3 ch and DC on each st to the end of the row,in total 10 DC st(s).Repeat row 2 until you have 38 [38: 38: 40] rows approx. 40[40: 40: 42]cm or 15.5[15.5: 15.5: 16.2] in.

granny square top

Try on the top and place the straps on the right spot than sew them on the inside with a simple stitch.

crochet cropped top

And congratulations,you’ve made yourself a wonderful cropped top.