How to crochet a plastic canvas velvety bag + Video Tutorial

plastic canvas bag

plastic canvas bag , how to crochet a bag

I am very happy to finally introduce to you via this blog how i made this plastic canvas velvety bag.It came out better than what i had in mind so please check the blog till the end for the Step By Step full video tutorial on how to crochet this cute velvety bag.

For this bag i am using this ready made plastic canvas which i found on Amazon link here and a 2 mm hook link here.Also i use Chenille yarn from Ice Yarns which is a very velvety yarn and perfect yarn to use on plastic canvas.

Let’s start.

First i want to show you how we are going to use the hook and yarn to fill this plastic canvas.

To start insert the hook from front to the back,grab the yarn and pull at the front a loop.Try to tangle the end at the back of the plastic canvas.Than skip 1 square ,insert the hook on the 2nd square , pull up a loop and st st with the loop you already had on the hook.Than continue the same process for all the row until you get at the last square of the row.

So skip a square ,insert the hook on the 2nd square,pull up a loop and sl st with the loop you have on the hook.

Now let’s start with our bag.

These kind of pre shaped plastic canvas have incomplete rows at the edges,so first we will fill these rows on all the sides.And than we will start filling the long rows forth and back.

We start at the beginning of the edge row and work until the end.Insert the hook from the front to the back,pull up a loop,try to tangle the end of the yarn.

Than skip 1 square ,insert the hook at the 2nd square , pull a loop and sl st with the loop you already have on the hook.Repeat until the end of the row.

Once arriving at the end of the row leave the loop out of the hook.Insert the hook from the back to the front of the canvas,pull the free loop at the back of the canvas.Make a chain and fasten off.Pull the end till the last ch is tight.Repeat for all the incomplete rows on the plastic canva.

plastic canvas bag

Once all the edges are filled i will start to fill the biggest section but you can start with what ever section you want to.So we will start and work straight till end of the row,turn 90degress and start working the next row on the way back.And repeating this pattern forth and back till all the section is filled.

We start from the first square,pull a loop,tangle the end at the back,skip 1 square and insert the hook at the 2nd square,pull a loop and sl st.Same as we worked the incomplete rows keep working till the end of the row.

Once we arrive at the end of the row leave the last square empty.Turn 90degress and sl st on the next square which is the 1st square of the next row.Now keep crocheting on the way back in the same way,sk 1,sl st in the next square till the end of the row.

Once you are at the last square turn 90degress , sl st on the next square and now keep crocheting forth till the end of the row.Repeat until you finish the whole selection.

This kind of crocheting and the velvety yarn makes your work look very neat.And now we start crocheting the small section the same way we did the big one.

Once these 2 main sections are finished we start the middle section in which we leave the first surrounding row of this section free and work forth and back just the middle squares.The pattern is the same as that of the 2 previews sections .

Start from the very first square which is the closest to the surrounding row,pull a loop,tangle the yarn at the back,insert the hook o the next square space and sl st.Than turn 90degress ,sl st on the neighbor square space and work that row again until the end.As you see at the beginning of this section  i don’t sk 1 square , as there are not many to skip.

Keep working forth and back till the end of the middle section.Once you are arrive at the end don’t fasten off as we sill start the working the surrounding row with the same technique as we did the whole bag.Try to fill all the gaps and inserting the hook and working even small spaces where the hook can get in.

Than go around at the rows that are left without crocheting on the other 2 sections.Following the same way as that of the middle section.

plastic canvas bag


Once all the spaces are filled we move on to wave in the ends and clean up the back of the bag.Because of the fluffyness that velvet has the back will be as neat at the front.Than’s why i didn’t need to line the bag from the inside.Thank we connect the 4 sides with crocheting inserting the hook once at one side and s st and than in the other side and sl st,doing some kind of zig zags.Or you can just sew it,its easier and faster.Once you arrive at the end, fasten off and hide the end.

plastic canvas projects

Now let’s move on to the shoulder strap,i crocheted the short one,get one of the side rings and a 4 mm hook.Start by grabbing the yarn and pull it at the front of the ring and crochet a sc .Keep doing that for  sc.Than ch 1 and turn your work and crochet 4 HDC till the end of the row.Keep crocheting 4 HDC forth and back till you have about 52 cm and than connect with the other ring by placing the other ring at the back of the strap and crochet 4 sc ,covering the metal ring as well.At the end fasten off and wave in the ends.

Before sewing the shoulder strap we will first fix the metal accessories that is used to keep the flap closed.The top one was quite easy to fix as you just need a small screwdriver.The other piece needs sewing with the same velvety yarn on both sides .At the end hide the yarn at the back and clean up.Sew the rings of the crocheted strap with the same yarn too ,put the long chain strap using the clamps it has,this totally optional,and you are done.

plastic canvas bagplastic canvas bag

I was really pleased with the cute little bag i ended up with and this DIY plastic canvas project was a total success.

diy plastic canvas projects


Enjoy and i will see you with my next project.

Tchüüüssss 🙂