Slow Demonstration and Step by step tutorial on how to Crochet Herringbone Stitch in rows.

One of the most requested stitches on both crochet and knitting craft.Its really a great looking stitch and gives a great texture and look to all of your projects,that you choose to use it.I used it in mostly bags project and its needless to say they turn out perfect.

There are more other projects i used the Herringbone Stitch and let me show below some of the.I can say that apart from bags there are so many other items you can use this stitch for.Blankets come out great and other house items too.Check out some of the items i made below:

Upper of slippers


Modern Clutches


Belt small bags:


Shoulder bag with Herringbone Stitch in Diagonal:


And look at this great Herringbone Version in a crocheted small bag: